Sector: Aerospace

Aerospace and New Space composites’ production volumes are climbing. Thermosets are in time going to be replaced by recyclable but more challenging to bond Thermoplastics. Like all assembly verticals, aerospace are experiencing regulatory, ethical, cost, and consumer pressures to build and run lower emission-level, cheaper and longer-range fleets.

PlasmaBound’s CPA is a breakthrough technology which ablates the surface of the composite, revealing undamaged fibres in a clean, controlled and repeatable way, allowing for the likes of PEEK/PAEK/PEAK, PPS/PEI, Aramids… to be bonded to another composite or a metal (Aluminium / Titanium, etc.) efficiently.

The CPA process increase your ‘open time’ from your CPA treatment to a bonding operation in weeks instead of hours for all other surface preparation processes!

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